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How-to-use & the reason behind

Many times my students, young colleagues or trainees I met during the years asked me the same question: “How to become successful and have a great career?”

I think there are no easy answers to this. You need to have a bit of luck, being in the right place at the right time or finding a good mentor who helps you. But I always tell that there is one thing you actively can to do: BE BEST PREPARED for fortune to hit you! And in order to be prepared, LEARN!

But before going into more detail in the content area of this blog (link here) and in the about-me area (link here) let me tell you how to use this blog and why all of this.

How to use the blog

The content area of blog is structured by categories. These categories represent the different subjects I teach. Each post is mapped to one or multiple categories. You can search them either by full text or by specifying the category you’re interested in.

If for example you want to read on project management you can search for it through the search bar or by selecting the category label at the end of every post. This allows you to see all posts on that particular subject.

Each post contains a comprehensive text on a specific subject, technique or theory. You can read them stand-alone without the need have read all of the additional information in that precise category. New posts will be published on a monthly or twice-a-month basis.

Comments to any posts can be done freely and each post offers links to various social-media platforms to share those elements you liked best.

While you can use the sign-up for receiving updates on every new post of information placed on the blog, you also can of course also contact me directly with any question or suggestion through the contact area of the site.

The reason behind

The reason for this blog is twofold.

  1. First of all I always wanted to write and publish a management book. Really true. Actually I did already write a book, a quite different kind of book, but it’s not published and a complete different story which would go too far here. Maybe I will publish a version of it some when in future, let’s see, if so I will surely let you know.

    Coming back to the management book. Since I finished my final thesis in my time at university I wanted to keep on working on the text to make it a comprehensive book I could publish. Pretty simple, so why up to now no book? The honest answer is conflicting priorities so far.

    As you will see further down the line I’m obsessed with getting things done and I’m a strong believer in defining priorities and focussing on first things first. So what came into the way of getting the book thing done? It was learning to become a good teacher.

    A couple of years ago I started giving classes at a university as a hobby and for sure we will cover how this had happened in one of posts ahead.

    Actually my real profession is being a banker, or more precise I’m working in a management/leadership position in a big Spanish banking corporation with now more than 15 years of business experience in various positions and functional areas. That’s my real job. The teaching stuff instead is just a pure obsession, I like to teach, I like to present, I like to tell good stories, I like to laugh and I love if students are leaving my classes having had a good time and even more important having learned something of value for them.

    This brings us to the second reason.

  2. As mentioned I started giving classes a couple of years ago. I teach mainly management, leadership, communication, self-management, digitalisation and culture. At the different universities where I’m teaching we have a system in place by which the students can rate the classes they participated.

    I proudly can say that the feedback I received over the last years is awesome. My favourite one was when a student wrote “Mr. Sechi is teaching like a god”. Was really expensive to pay this student for writing this feedback –joking- surely exaggerated and a case of students mental illness but let’s say that usually I get quite good grades.

    There is only one topic that comes up from time to time which I target to address with this blog. I can improve on having a place to look up content. The lack of this is caused by the extreme visual and narrative way I teach. I’m an very visual person and as mentioned I love to tell stories. In result my class materials and my presentations are mostly a simple full screen picture on which I verbally tell all the stories and content from the curriculum. This seems to work out fantastic for excitement and lack of boringness in the class itself, but the downside is that it is nearly impossible to read through the material after the class to rethink and deeper understand any topic. Without my verbal explanation most of the presentations are hard or not at all understandable.

    So this blog is also about to write down what I tell in my classes. It’s for my students to have a place where they can go to, to re-read the content, to get more insights and to look-up the sources of information I used for their particular class.

That’s it, that’s what this blog is about, it’s on writing a book and providing information to my students and doing this by sharing knowledge on how to make things happen.

So please feel free to explore the content I’m writing continuously in the “BLOG” area and if you like just sign-in with your email to receive notifications on new posts.