No goals, no success

If you don’t know where you are going, no route will take you there. (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, 1865) Without defining what to be achieved, efforts can’t be coordinated and success becomes impossible, both for individuals and for organisations. As one of the most influential managers of Silicon Valley and the 1997 Time Magazine’s … Read more

The magic of knowing who is doing what

Knowing who is doing what is a prerequisite to implement change. Organisations will always try to evolve their business by enhancing, improving or widening their line of products, services, channels, by redesigning their processes or by starting complete new lines of business or partnerships. The way to implement those changes is to execute projects. Projects … Read more

Organisational debt

Organisational debt is lack of structure evolving around individuals Organisational debt is one of the hardest things to straighten out of an organisation. It’s very similar and as hard to cure then its sibling “technical debt”. Technical debit Technical debt is a phrase originally coined by software developer Ward Cunningham. Looking to Wikipedia we get … Read more