The magic of knowing who is doing what

Knowing who is doing what is a prerequisite to implement change. Organisations will always try to evolve their business by enhancing, improving or widening their line of products, services, channels, by redesigning their processes or by starting complete new lines of business or partnerships. The way to implement those changes is to execute projects. Projects … Read more The magic of knowing who is doing what

No structure no success

You can’t manage the zebra without structure. Without a good structure work can’t get done, communication fails and organisations get ineffective. The importance of structure can’t be overemphasised. If you run a project, if you manage an organisation or if you simply want to communicate in a way that your audience gets your point, don’t … Read more No structure no success

Do you know the success triangle?

Predicting project success from the very beginning. Why do some teams continuously achieve much more than other teams? Of course they are real teams with mutual trust between everybody and they are composed by a bunch of high performers. If you have such a team, fantastic, just be grateful and move on. But such stellar … Read more Do you know the success triangle?